The Day Bernard Poolman Died [Dag 126]

Today I received the saddening news that Bernard Poolman passed away.

First I was shocked "Is this for real". And I re-read the e-mail.  I went to the forum to see whether someone has responded already to this message. I was in a semi-state of disbelief and realizing that things will not ever be the same again.

When I saw Bernard's video's on the internet, I directly 'saw' myself. The way he talked, the way he presented stuff, his tonality. Bernard was me as what I was to become in so many years.

Bernard Poolman was somebody, just as me, he and I sought solutions for the problems that existed in this world. No topic was too controversial. All and everything had to be investigated, and that was what he did. He helped me tremendously by sharing his stories, his video's were always inspirational. Some were even really confronting, knowing that I could not turn a blind eye to things. To stop the madness, we had to investigate everything and present a solution.

Thanks to Bernard, I was able to 'live' my 'own' life. Bernard was here, so I could focus on getting my own shit straightened out. I didn't need to to and become Bernard, he already walked this entire process and shared his fuckups, realizations, so that I, was able to get down with my own process. But in a way I did had to become like Bernard.

If you know B, B has dedicated and sacrificed his life to benefit all of humanity, the animals, nature, as he understood that, the greater is much more important than one individual, and I was about the walk the very same as B.

It's been sinds 2007/2008 that I have been with Desteni and ever since walked according to the principles which would create a world that's best for all, and due to B. I began this process in a new understanding, there is room for me too in this world.

I have cried on and off today for the loss I experienced by B. not being amongst us in a physical body. I had never gotten the opportunity to visit the Desteni farm, due to time issues, as my time had to be adressed accordingly. Bills had to be paid. Now I won't be able to talk to B. in person, or to experience myself in the presense of 'Myself', to laugh with myself, the see the example of who and what I wouldve become if I dared to to take the steps he took. And I have never been able to voice to him in person the gratitude I lived for him being here.

There was no necessity for me, since that first video, for me to live this life of hardship anymore, as I would've done everything to get the solutions for the world problems here in great clarity. Bernard gave me that chance to develop myself differently, as there was no need anymore for that particular expression.

So now with Bernard Poolman gone, I have to re-evaluate my stance. What was it in B. that I saw and did not grant/give myself. What did he made me see, even if what I saw in him already, was me?

B. was radical in a way, provocative, confronting, yet gentle, humble, fearless. B. was a leader, as he was someone who took charge of the situation and took responsibility to sort shit out. Even though B. was not OUR leader, as he said: "I am not a leader, I am just a man, I am your equal and you are mine".

Desteni haters, and Desteni trolls have often tried to 'proof' the contrary. And to them even this little piece will be contradictory in itself: "You say B. was a leader, yet he was not your leader?" Correct. As a leader as it is lived in this world, is someone who has followers, and will do and say as he pleases. B. was a leader in the sense that, he lead his life and through leading his life, he has shown by example what it is what we could make of ourselves, and he showed this as he understood what was necessary for this existence to live in harmony with each point in existence. So he was an example to many of us, however not never a leader as portrait as the paranoia-creators as Desteni haters and trolls would want you to believe.
Now with B. being gone, and their issues about B. wanting world domination, wanting to be rich, or being an egotistical dictator will make no sense, and these people will be exposed for who they are. Abusers, Fearfull creatures, people who prey on other people their paranoia. As we as Destonians will walk regardless who will die amongst our midst. B. was one of us, like every Destonian and everyone who is willing to create a world that is best for all is one of us. Though with B. his death he even gifted us this very unforseen point by many. The haters will be exposed, and will create a platform for all people who might even consider their previous fears and see these haters as freedom fighters, to actually see how gullible they were and that is now time to stand and walk with people who are real.

Thank you Bernard for all what you have done for us. Thank you for the gifts you have given us. Thank you for Existing. Thanks for being part of us all now and being an example.

I am grateful for knowing you, learning from you, speaking with you, and all the support you (personally) gave me in chats, on the forum, and through your countless video's. You are truly an example. And for that I will be eternally gratefull.

“I am not a leader, I am just a man, I am your equal and you are mine.” - See more at:
“I am not a leader, I am just a man, I am your equal and you are mine.” - See more at:
“I am not a leader, I am just a man, I am your equal and you are mine.” - See more at:
“I am not a leader, I am just a man, I am your equal and you are mine.” - See more at:
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